Welcome to PULP!  This quarterly publication highlights work that speaks to the humane human experience in all of its confusing glory.  We are looking for poetic or fictional work of any form and length that speaks with a strong, unique, original voice.  If it's out there - we want to see it!

Each quarter we will submit a subject to the community and the community will submit their work.  The work that speaks strongest, shines the most light in the shadows, kisses us in our forgotten crevices, and/or demands attention that can not be ignored without sever head trauma will be included in the volume. 

Submission guidelines:

All work must be submitted to  Please put your name in the subject line along with the word "submission".  All submissions should be added as attachments - one submission per attachment please.  No more than three submissions a quarter per genre.

In the body of the email please include a short bio.  You may also add a few words about your submission if you want.  

All work must be in 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font (if font choice is integral to the piece then please indicate in the body of the email).

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if the work gets published elsewhere prior to our publication date.  

In this first quarter we shall look to the subject of environment.  What environment are you in?  What is being done to the environment?  What is our social environment like?   What environments fulfil us or deflate us?  What environments conjure love, friendship, harmony?  Hate, envy insecurity?  And how do you deal with it all from clairvoyance to conflict.

PULP! strives to give a voice to those who are just finding their voice and a platform to those who have found it and want to let it shine.