Battle Poem - Lionitus Addresses America


Battle Poem: Lionitus Addresses America

We can no longer sit on our thumbs
Spinning aimlessly
addicted to the short prod of pricks
asking us to beg for what is ours
by right of birth
Their pay off stinks to high hell
and leaves us feeling a little dirtier
a little more impure
a little more like Europe in the 1300's
when every
king was fucking his queen
30 mistresses
his sister
and if absolutely necessary to keep the coffers in the family
his mother
We are not merely Britain's
bastard step child
We have been hopes and dreams
nightmares of steely eyed horse drawn champions
righteous and snarling frothing for freedom
We have been up against it
and still managed a smug "fuck off"
For good or ill we have always had balls
and this has at the very least
kept us interesting
This is no time to relax
Sack up!
The hordes of ineptitude are coming for our balls
We must protect what is precious
We must demand unwavering and unmitigated
allegiance from that illusory institution
we call government
which now includes major car companies
and huge world-wide banking conglomerates
These sons of dogs belong to us now
Let’s send them a message screaming
Just before we kick their self righteous asses
into some dark and bottomless pit
These unholy bastards still make more than a room full of teachers
for failing
for wiping their asses with our hard earned money
for anally penetrating our trust with short stubby thrusts
no lubrication
and only the whisper of protection
Now we have syphilis
We are going blind
our brains being made mush
from this dis(ease)this contracted STD of fear
that we paid for with lives and billions of shit eating grins
It is time
Sharpen your spears
Unsheathe your swords
Promise to cut the nuts off the next rich fucker
that comes knocking on your door
whining because the stench of the shit
spewing out of their ass
has finally started to reach their delicate
and refined palate
Let's keep it interesting people
Let's spank 'em
drag them through the streets and
place their heads on pikes
just to send the message
that if you come trying to fuck with our land
our future
and our freedoms
you better remember
We will show no mercy
and have little patience
for the stench of assholes