Unfuck Yourself

Unfuck Yourself

Unwind your twisted thoughts
about who is what
and the importance of these 
dilly dalliances or that up start
Untangle from the twisted illusion
of separate successes or segmented judgements
there is no end of the road
no machine to rage against other than
our own jumbled interpretations of this 
or that loneliness
and the consequences 
of five senses and
innumerous contextual folds

Unfuck yourself 
forget about more or less than
forget about the illusions
of destruction and creation
We are living these days and nights
precariously on a serrated edge
ignored at the peril of sanity
Explore boundaries 
The excesses of sunrises and sunsets 
Test imposed limitations to find that they 
only hold back the fearful
but not you 
not you 
Throw off the cowl of corrals and
run free from time to time
under new skies and alien stars
new galaxies of experiences
yours for the taking
if you will only unfuck yourself

Move beyond your darkness
into your light
blinding and full of all the ecstasy
of a new born star