Polka Dots

Polka Dots
To those who can hear me
I say do not despair
This torrid ineptitude of 
political quagmires that 
the world finds itself goose stepping towards
is merely the death throw of power's
hungry hungry hippo mentality
consuming itself
The world 
Does not need saving
We do
We are waking to the power of our voice
a power of choice
to extend a hand a heart
If you can help just one soul
It’s a start
We are not purse strings or puppets
We are the lub dub potential
of every super nova 
We are our own shining suns
pulsing rays of cosmic light
across the infinite spaces that 
seem to separate you and I
So go out and stomp your feet 
in the early morning sun
Dance to welcome the day
Scrawl your unique aptitudes
on the canvas of reality
Jackson Pollack that shit
Paint polka dots every where
and don't worry about the stares
don't succumb to ne'er do wells
don't shade your light
just because others 
are afraid of their own
You have a gift I mean
You are a gift
The future swims across 
the dreamscape of my mind
and there you are