Jimmy The Jazz Junky

Jimmy the Jazz Junky

Jimmy was the jack sprat of the be-bop era in New York City. Recently he was asked about all the back door bamboozling and political bafoonery the government was recently caught dabbling in. This was his response:

Someday the flim-flam will hit the bootsie-tootsie and
Ride the A train to the end of the line
But all the world should be drunk on its own hilarity by that point
What I’m trying to say is that
This poppy-cock hibble-de-gibber
Is only a distraction from the real polly-wog
I mean really these hop-scotch gliteratti
Would not poopsticate themselves so
If mentality was not quite el serioso
Can’t you see that the raggedy andy
Decieved into cods-swallop
Will jack and jill themselves into early paralysis
This will leave only sammy succubus
Latch leeching what-cha-ma-call-its
Till all the rotundus is a lighter shade of shit
What I propose is to forget the googly gradation
Perpetuate the pie throwing profundity
And alight on a ha-ha-hobble all the way to the precocious imperfection
But most importantly what all the
Ho-hums, crap splatters, thing-a-ma-giggers, and blowhards need
Is a good laugh
They just need to put some he-haw in their
Two-step, too little, too bad truth about material matteredness
Being the whole bowl of who-ber-de-goo
I know, I know my jibber-jabber does little more than the
Flim-flam of magic hands pullin roses out of an ass
But I swear I’ll be diner dawged if these silly solicits don’t get off my bump-pump
I mean all one can really do is spiel what one’s peepers peep
Lick life loopy and glide like glorious goofs!