The Sound Of One Yes Clapping

The Sound of One Yes Clapping  

What can one say when life’s lips
Wrap their sultry tongue around your ears
And whisper of joy and enchantment
a universe revolving around one word
spinning fractal spirals
interactions pinging effects
running rampantly
into other effects
as if every single moment
has been working towards this one
and this one and this one and this
One moment
When life spreads its wings out before
you breathing into
frail and withered tissues
lub dub cavalcades
careen into tap dancers of joy
When there is no rush or lush hopes
of ownership or attainment
Exploration and creation can become our stock in trade
Honesty our currency
Compassion our law
creative cackles
can burst forth from shackles once more
So crack it all open
Reach in and pull out
Each and every
Teach that there
Is more to life than
Opening cans
Just to scoop out
Innert innards
Or overly processed procedures
Needlessly and repeatedly
Talking about the book ends
Of life while ignoring the poetry
Between the pages
Let’s embrace this world full of cycles
Ride the fractals like waves
Lost in the flow
Because who cares if you go
Death is what ties and binds
All life so you might as well
Rise while you can
Try something anything to
Shake off the tattered covers of
Fail miraculously
Be laughed at
do it all with love and light
Because you are miracles
You are spontaneous combustions
hot sexed one night stands
Jazz bebopped impromptu
concerts on the corner
Of hopes and dreams
And I know how it seems
From time to time
this uphill slog
Of life and love
But believe me and
Believe in yourselves
You are cornicoptic in your possibilities
And together we
Can rise